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Best Accuracy with Lightning gun SuddenDeath
Best Accuracy with Machine gun CRIPS
Best Accuracy with Plasma gun SuddenDeath
Best Accuracy with Rail gun SuddenDeath
Best Accuracy with Rocket Launcher hRc
Best Accuracy with Shot gun SuddenDeath
Best Overall Accuracy SuddenDeath
Best Killer with Gauntlet Bm1170
Best Killer with Lightning gun kaskade
Best Killer with Machine gun boo
Best Killer with Plasma gun rat
Best Killer with Rail gun kaskade
Best Killer with Rocket Launcher Uplamed Nnayer
Best Killer with Shot gun [BLB]CrypticGrouch
Best Killer with Telefrag unshavenclapper
Haste Hog Bm1170
Mega Man electric six
Regen Romper ARGO
Best Efficiency John 3:16
Best Killer kaskade
Highest Kill Streak SuddenDeath
Most Excellent kaskade
Most Impressive SuddenDeath
Award Listing for Best killer with telefrag (top 50)
#Player Name Kills   Games   Kill ratio 
1unshavenclapper1 5 0.20
2UnnamedPlayer 9e4116... 1 6 0.17
3yee1 6 0.17
4NJTRADER7FU1 9 0.11
5spaniard1 9 0.11
6UncleBuc1 12 0.08
7IMXCI Insomniac1 18 0.06
8Mario-Bros1 17 0.06
9nope1 21 0.05
10Cannon Fodder1 26 0.04
11Joe Slick1 46 0.02
12Skol1 76 0.01
13F4_jasassin1 174 0.01
1488481 212 0.00
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