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Best Accuracy with Grenade Launcher Pitiful
Best Accuracy with Lightning gun UnnamedPlayer
Best Accuracy with Machine gun war-cup
Best Accuracy with Plasma gun UnnamedPlayer 4ac683...
Best Accuracy with Rail gun war-cup
Best Accuracy with Rocket Launcher UnnamedPlayer b958fe...
Best Accuracy with Shot gun *[De]*Shock
Best Overall Accuracy UnnamedPlayer 0101ec...
Best Killer with Grenade Launcher JasonVH
Best Killer with Lightning gun JasonVH
Best Killer with Machine gun Marvin Finklestein
Best Killer with Plasma gun coc482
Best Killer with Rail gun unshavenclapper
Best Killer with Rocket Launcher coc482
Best Killer with Shot gun Temp
Best Killer with Telefrag unshavenclapper
Freeze Tag
Best Freezer coc482
Best Thawer JIAR008
Haste Hog UnnamedPlayer 7ae925...
Mega Man crycry!!
Quad Whore UnnamedPlayer b958fe...
Best Efficiency Temp
Highest Kill Streak unshavenclapper
Most Excellent Pitiful
Most Impressive war-cup
Award Listing for Best killer with machine gun (top 50)
#Player Name Kills   Games   Kill ratio 
1Marvin Finklestein1 4 0.25
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