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Award Stats
Awards List
Best Accuracy with Grenade Launcher calvino
Best Accuracy with Lightning gun Thanatos
Best Accuracy with Machine gun SATAN
Best Accuracy with Plasma gun Thanatos
Best Accuracy with Rail gun BIG COCK
Best Accuracy with Rocket Launcher Xearo
Best Accuracy with Shot gun Batboy
Best Overall Accuracy SATAN
Best Killer with Gauntlet gamerx
Best Killer with Grenade Launcher FraGGots
Best Killer with Lightning gun Blue
Best Killer with Machine gun Sam
Best Killer with Plasma gun -=Batman=-
Best Killer with Rail gun Dreg...
Best Killer with Rocket Launcher Blinky
Best Killer with Shot gun wocx
Best Killer with Telefrag Gaycerta
Haste Hog war-jay
Mega Man Blinky
Regen Romper NOID
The Invisible Man dirty d
Best Efficiency Socrates_BR
Best Killer cucumi
Highest Kill Streak Dreg.RU
Most Excellent tostao
Most Impressive Thanatos
Award Listing for Best killer with grenade launcher (top 50)
#Player Name Kills   Games   Kill ratio 
1FraGGots12 7 1.71
2Jay |]13 23 0.57
3calvino5 26 0.19
4xdd5 43 0.12
5dirty d2 29 0.07
7S1VAD+FH+4 65 0.06
8Jay!2 44 0.05
9JAQL1 21 0.05
10seahawk2 40 0.05
11Unisoul5 97 0.05
12d3vist83 80 0.04
13LostAnakin1 24 0.04
14{ACES}Clint2 75 0.03
15Poison3 114 0.03
16Vindicator2 89 0.02
17Cannon Fodder3 144 0.02
18UncleBuc1 169 0.01
19Joe Slick1 161 0.01
20y1 136 0.01
21Bloody'Shame1 83 0.01
22PLayeRZ1 290 0.00
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