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Best Accuracy with Grenade Launcher Aye
Best Accuracy with Lightning gun SnotMe
Best Accuracy with Machine gun `#EGYPTIAN3D<>GUARDI...
Best Accuracy with Plasma gun [X]Credo
Best Accuracy with Rail gun SnotMe
Best Accuracy with Rocket Launcher G.Narley
Best Accuracy with Shot gun blam
Best Overall Accuracy G.Narley
Best Killer with Grenade Launcher P
Best Killer with Lightning gun ChRoNiC898
Best Killer with Plasma gun Joe Slick
Best Killer with Rail gun P
Best Killer with Rocket Launcher P
Best Killer with Shot gun ChRoNiC898
Best Defender SnotMe
Best Flag Capper UnnamedPlayer 741e6d...
Best Flag Retriever UnnamedPlayer 741e6d...
Best Supporter UnnamedPlayer 741e6d...
Haste Hog [X]Credo
Mega Man UnnamedPlayer 741e6d...
Quad Whore UnnamedPlayer 741e6d...
Regen Romper [X]Credo
Best Efficiency P
Best Killer P
Highest Kill Streak mtl
Most Excellent blam
Most Impressive SnotMe
Award Listing for Best accuracy with plasma gun (top 50)
#Player Name Games   Hits   Shots   Accuracy 
1[X]Credo4 53 240 22.08
2G.Narley24 138 774 17.83
3SnotMe12 121 703 17.21
4blam16 225 1361 16.53
5Aye57 680 5244 12.97
6RaT13 135 1114 12.12
7_AngelV_12 43 502 8.57
8Joe Slick9 108 1288 8.39
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