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 Post subject: Some funny moments
PostPosted: Tue Oct 31, 2017 1:27 pm 

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In sometimes tense env, here are some cool guys @ crom who make the day LOL, read on:
Here is what happened when the WarKiller dude talks, I really LOL (Nothing deleted in between):

tostao: and i used to play a lot better than now
WaRkiller: why ypu hate your god?
tostao: now days all these fucking noobs call me cheater every day
tostao: fucking no brain
WaRkiller: i know
NeckMan: ok...perhaps I am seemed so
WaRkiller: becaus RUS..n (Gamer: :lol: )
tostao: i've been here for more than 7 years
WaRkiller: no prob.. be scary (Gamer: :lol: )
WaRkiller: all y76ou think its real
tostao: never in my life i have use any kind of cheat
tostao: and i play thiis game since 2003
Yu: this guy is tough
WaRkiller: be scary halloweeen
NeckMan: ok...sorry...perhaps I am wrong...U did 3 3 railhits in a row in the
Astro Man: so red no thaw you stupid fucks
tostao: i know
tostao: this guy weed calls me cheater everyt time im playing
Astro Man: 2 of you and no thaw
tostao: and people think i really cheat
tostao: but i dont
Astro Man: yiou 2 are stupid fucks red
NeckMan: ok
WaRkiller: yhe you chear
WaRkiller: and i am a dracula
Astro Man: tastao and yu u fucking idiots[/color]
tostao: whatever
WaRkiller: ok what? (Gamer: :lol: )
Astro Man: yeah thanks for the thaw assholes (Gamer: :lol: )
WaRkiller: tosto
Yu: why im idiot?
Yu: Astro man wtf man?
WaRkiller: hard to explain (Gamer: :lol: )
Blitz: ty
Astro Man: tfuck you why didnt you thaw me
WaRkiller: yu maybe because?
Yu: go to hell
Astro Man: you and the other idiot just left me there
WaRkiller: u saked.. i respondes? (Gamer: :lol: )
tostao: n1
NeckMan: oooohhhhhhhh pooooor Astro :)
Blitz: ty
WaRkiller: what yoy you wanted yo herar?>
NeckMan: Mammi did not help U :)
Blitz: :)
Blitz: lol
WaRkiller: no no no no you are not!
WaRkiller: yu are very not idiot, very inteligent, knowing all .. for mer 1$ (Gamer: :lol: )
Next map: q3dm8
Blitz: gg

Edit: Points where i couldn't stop laughing are indicated by: (Gamer: :lol: )


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