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PostPosted: Sun Mar 03, 2019 11:25 pm 

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Okay, Someone whom I can't remember showed me this, or I seen them use it and I found it myself, and there are some who need a little help for different reasons. Q3 Console can be a little weird at times when you are trying to do separate commands, since they need to be broke up with a semi colon ; like that plus if there are any spaces used you have to put double quote signs around it ALL, "like this".

So here is the command.
/bind h "say ^1Health ^2#h ^4/ ^3Armor ^2#a"

Notice the SPACES too.

Here is more detailed information, you need to type that, or you can highlight here, copy it, right click or CTRL+C then type or PASTE it CTRL+V in the Q3 Console AND hit ENTER, the drop down console, drop it down using the TILDE `key U.S. Keyboards is left of the number 1 key and above TAB.
and you do not have to use the key H, choose anyone you want. You can see if anything is already set to that by typing the command bind and whatever key and hit enter, it will tell you if something is there and what it is or will say not bound. /bind h HIT ENTER when you find a key you would like to use type the above line.
the ^ called a caret is the number 6 above the letters on the keyboard. Hold Shift and hit that 6 key.
the number 1 after the ^ tells Q3 what color the next text should be. use numbers 1 through 0
you can check by doing ^11 then ^22 then ^33 to see colors, then you can use the backward key to go back and erase.
There is a difference if you use a H or Lower case h and A or a.
And where I wrote Health you can put anything you want, same with the / and the word Armor. Change it to your liking, if you want.
Oh, I think this only works with OSP, It doesn't seem to work on a Vanilla, BASEQ3 server.
I have not tested this extensively. Someone told me the command or I found it and made it to my liking and that was about it.
Ah I found it, it is in the OSP/Docs Folder, the file is named, osp-q3-ClientReadme.txt
It says,
#H - Health
Current health value (lower-case "h" will print the value
with color coding, depending on the level of the value)
/say_team "Hurting bad - #H/#A"

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